Saturday, March 19, 2016

Explanation of Ahok Reject Known Help Anton Medan

Explanation of Ahok Reject Known Help Anton Medan

Ramdhan Effendi, better known by the name of Anton Medan denied that Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama reported refuse assistance.

Explanation of Ahok Reject Known Help Anton Medan

Chairman of the Chinese Islamic Association of Indonesia (PITI) was explained, she was actually just asking about what to do with T-shirts and other attributes that had already printed a year ago under the name Sahabat AHOK, remember now Basuki only willing to accept help with the election through volunteer Teman AHOK.

"No trouble, Me and Teman AHOK are on the same side. The help I offer has not been rejected, but I ask you, T-shirts have been printed in September 2015 was roughly can be used or not, there are 5,000 jerseys with the inscription Sahabat Ahok "said Anton, Friday (03/18/2016).

Anton explained, since last year, there had been a certain group movement aimed at supporting Basuki to advance elections in 2017 DKI Jakarta. Groups working at the grass roots or grass root coordinated by himself.

Basuki of the upper middle class, it was held by volunteers Teman AHOK. Teman AHOK own name made by him to distinguish surrogate groups or communities with support from volunteers Friend segmentation Ahok.

However, now the name of Sahabat AHOK are not used anymore. They agreed together with Teman AHOK so as not to cause a different perception in the community.

"Koh Ahok (greeting Basuki) said, "No need to wear Koh Anton because it could cause confusion." It's been like that just the point. why there is news that I am hostile to Koh Ahok? there is no such thing. "said Anton.

In order jerseys Teman AHOK not redundant, Anton plans to distribute 5,000 T-shirts to a number of correctional institutions (prisons) to be given to prisoners there, while other items which also had already printed, as much as 750,000 sheets of support form, and certainly can not be used again.

The total cost of the Anton spend on jerseys and form it is USD 518 million.

Earlier, Basuki said, he refused to accept Anton who want to launch a volunteer with Sahabat AHOK name. Basuki also said, Teman Ahok been collecting data of ID cards and print t-shirt for him.

Basuki was revealed, Anton intends to donate a sum of money as a form of support.

In response, Anton mentions never donated the money in cash. All the money he used to use to make certain equipment, such as socks one of them, in order to support more advanced Basuki as DKI 1.

"Not exactly. Koh Ahok that fit the way it is explosive, so understanding like that. No problem, me and Teman Ahok are same, we are all in line," said Anton.

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